Sunday, 16 January 2011

Hello!!! Thanks so much to everyone who has participated-since Amelia, the organiser of The Snail And The Pigeon, is busy with schoolwork and university applications, she has been unable to continue organising the mailing service.
However, I still think it's a really lovely idea, so I have decided to start it back up again. Sorry to everyone who signed up about the rather long absence!
The whole point of the service is, however, very much based on trust: whilst I will do what I can to monitor everything, the idea relies on everyone involved to be honest, communicating with one another, and most importantly, to actually send a gift-we did have a few incidents of people sending presents, and not receiving them in return. We did a couple of trial runs back in the summer, and these made it clear that it is necessary to monitor the system a little more.

So basically, I think I will keep Amelia's lovely idea running, which sadly she was unable to continue with, but the easiest way would be to start it all over again. So that is what I shall do! I have had a number of people expressing interest, so I'll be re-vamping the blog and entire system, and I'll do another introductory post.